Adult Class Schedules

Class Details

Want to score more points with a dynamic “Jump serve”, or learn to get that impossible “dig” that fans and teammates will talk about for weeks?! How about getting into “ready position” within seconds of diving safely to the floor for the next returning play?! Most importantly, want to learn the value of teamwork and communication to find and exploit your competitors weakest link?! If the answer is yes then you are at the right place!

Our clinics are taught by seasoned volleyball players, players that have competed at all levels… Yes even a few professional international players and those with extensive collegiate athletic experiences.

Intermediate Class Participants need to be a fairly solid intermediate player who can handle a free ball and consistently play bump, set, spike volleyball (that’s Division 3, 4 & 5 in Big City).

Here is a sample of what an 8 – Week Intermediate Class would consist of:

Week 1 Offense
Hitting 1’s, 2’s & 3’s
Fakes Shoots Pipes
Tipping Rolling Poking

Week 2 Defense
Platform Control
Over-hand passing
Diving Positioning Digging
Solo / Double Block

Week 3 Serving
Serving Placement Ace (Top Spin, Jump Serve, Float)
Spot Serving
Passing (Deep,Short)
Serve receive

Week 4 Setting
Quick Sets
Shooting the Ball
Push Backwards
Setting Off the Net

Week 5 Rotations and Transitions
Rotate Base positioning

Week 6 Game Situations
Looking for Holes
Tipping the Scales
Back Row Barrage
Spreading the Court
Pick on the Setter

Week 7 Offense & Defense
Court Awareness
Running Plays
Defensive & Offensive Drills
Coaching the team
Open Play / Scrimmage

Week 8
The last day serves as a comprehensive review of all the skills learned from the past 7-weeks into all drills.
Passing/Setting Hitting Serving Defensive & Offensive Drills Open Play / Scrimmage