Adult Classes

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Want to score more points with a dynamic “Jump serve”, or learn to get that impossible “dig” that fans and teammates will talk about for weeks?! How about getting into “ready position” within seconds of diving safely to the floor for the next returning play and most important learn the value of teamwork and communication to find and exploit your competitors weakest link?!

Whether you just want to learn the game of Volleyball or sharpen your skills, Big City can help you take your game to the next level by attending one of our popular instructional classes! All Big City classes feature friendly instructors who review the fundamentals of the game as well as teach more advanced techniques. Come as often as you like, each instructional class will cover different aspects of the game.

Whether you’re playing on a team this season or not, don’t pass up this great chance to get some valuable instruction or court time!

Classes are taught by seasoned volleyball players. Players that have competed at all levels… Yes even professional international players and those with extensive collegiate athletic experiences.

Sample 2 Hour Instructional Class Schedule

  • Open Play / Warm Up + Stretching
  • Basic Volleyball Ready Position
  • Foot Movement
  • Three Position Bumping
  • Left To Right Drill
  • Flash Bump Drill
  • Digging Off The Walls
  • Floor Spiking Drills
  • Serving Drills
  • Open Play