Subscription for Virtual Class

For $40 you can receive enough credit to participate in as many of our Virtual Classes as you’d like per month!

Our 40-minute Virtual Classes are designed to be interactive, which means you’ll get attention and coaching feedback in real time. Drills will include ball control, arm swing mechanics, volleyball-specific athletic conditioning, and more.

Disclaimers: BCVB Account is Needed to Participate in the Class along with a Zoom Account from . Those who register will get an e-mail with instructions that should be reviewed before starting the class.

Anything with a big screen such as an I-Pad, Tablet, or Computer is strongly preferred for participants. Participant’s area should be clear to avoid any accidental damage. A ball is required for those to actively follow along.

Note: You are required to log-into your BCVB account in order to proceed with subscription registration.