Tuesday Beginner Class (Winter)

8-Week Class Schedule

Week 1 (December 10)
Passing & Ball Control
Setting / Reacting to ball movement
Proper serving technique (underhand and/or overhand)
Spiking (proper approach, snapping, and extending)

Week 2 (January 7)
Warm-up Defense (explanation of different defense positions)
Diving Drills Setting (set to target and week 1 review)
Hitting (Review week 1, develop hit direction of the ball with defenders)
Serving (underhand, overhand, introduction to Jump Serve)

Week 3 (January 14)
Passing & Ball Control
Setting (Week 1 & 2 review + introduce back set & set back row)
Hitting (Week 1 & 2 review, hit outside, middle, back and back row approaches)
Blocking fundamentals
Serving -review week 1 and 2

Week 4 (January 21)
Emphasis on Digging & Attacking
Bumping & Digging
Attacking drills (setting will be incorporated as well as defense)
Blocking review from Day 3 Serving Scrimmage

Week 5 (January 28)
Emphasis on the Court & Game Play
Positions on the court
Rotation & Options with setter
Scrimmage & Games will incorporate Days 1-4

Week 6 (February 4)
Emphasis on Court & Game Play
Learn all calls and signals in a real game situation
Learn to call Offensive Plays on the court
Scrimmage & Games

Week 7 (February 11)
Advanced Tips
Tricks and Target Practice
Court awareness and Ball Placement
Scrimmage & Games will incorporate Days 3-6

Week 8-REVIEW (February 18)
The last day serves as a comprehensive review of all the skills learned from the past 7-weeks into all drills.
Defensive & Offensive
Open Play / Scrimmage