User Guide: How To

Navigating a new and unfamiliar site can be tricky. Check out the links below to help you resolve any inquiries.



  1. Use link button below to sign up via Open Sports
  2. Your current Big City Account will not work. You will need to create OpenSports account. (the system will prompt you to do so).
  3. If you already have an OpenSports account, you can log in with that one.
  4. Once you have signed up/logged in, make sure you download the OpenSports app for a better experience.
    Apple Store:
    Google Store:

Open Sports Signup

From the Adult Registration Button
Simply click join, to join the Big City group. There you will be able to check any upcoming events and register.
Select the Open Play of your choice and follow the registration process.

See how to create a new Open Sports account or simply log in with your existing one (This applies to joining a group or a specific event).

Signup to Open Sports from event link

Playbook Signup guidelines – 2019

New – 5/27/19

Starting Monday May 27th, 2019 , our website takes a new look as we will be adding new features. While at first this may feel like a big shift, you will quickly get used to it and very soon the experience will be better for everyone.

For all of you participating in any of the Pier 6 Spring Beach League, Pier 25 Spring Beach League and/or Co-Ed Indoor Spring League, you will be able to check your schedules and payments under the old site . Everything else needs to be completed and done on the new site.


Old Users – New Logins

If you registered in the past at , we will need you to register again to the new site. Just follow the steps to sign up and then you are all set to see your own settings and to log in to register for any program. As we update the newest features of our site, if you have not registered to the new website, you may receive an email asking to set a new password , as we will be gradually migrating old users the new system.

Signing Up

See the direct link to signing up to our system. You can also sign up anytime through any registration, as the system will ask you to do so if you are not logged in.

Log In

Once you have an account in our system you will normally be automatically logged in. However, if you ever need to log in, just go ahead and log back in with your credentials.

Reset your Password?

In case you forgot your password, you have multiple options to log in. You can go ahead and click on forgot your password, and will be sent an email to reset it, or you can always log in with the magic link by entering your email and clicking on the link sent to your email. See below both alternatives.

  • Reset Your Password
  • Magic Link

Menus and Links

Throughout the site you may notice that some menus will be different from registration pages to the main menu on our home page. We are working on making them as easy as possible, but in the meantime check the video below in case you are confused about menus and links. Remember that from any page you can click on our logo on the top left corner of your screen and this will take you to our home page.


To register to any of our programs, you will need to be logged in or will be asked to log in at the time of registration.

Registration – League Team

Registration – League Individual

Registration – Tournaments

Registration Programs

For Program registrations (Non-league or non-tournament) you can register for multiple programs at the same time and may add participants different to yourself. However, at the moment you will need to add each participant you want to register, one at a time. Very soon you will be able to add multiple participants at the same time. See below the program registration options.

Program – 1 participant (Eg. Summer Camp)

Notice that in the example, a $100 discount was automatically applied as registration was for 2 camps at the same time. This will not necessarily apply for every program.

Program 2 or more participants

Notice that for multiple participants’s registration you will need to do one by one. We will have the multiple participant registration feature coming up very soon!

See my program registrations

Remember that league and tournament registrations will show up under My Team and/or Roster, while program registrations will show up under My Registrations.