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Girls' Youth League

Given the restrictions due to COVID19, this Fall we are excited to get started with our Girls Youth League with a couple of variations: Both Indoor and Outdoor options are available, capacity is reduced and for now we start with tryouts, weekly practices and scrimmages until full league play is allowed.

Manhattan Indoor League Info Page:

Brooklyn-Queens Volleyball Indoor League Info Page:

In order to participate in any of our Late Fall Youth Leagues all new players must attend a Try-Out below or feel free to reach us at Those trying out should have prior playing experience, playing on either a club or school team or have taken our youth volleyball classes/Summer camps. Players returning from previous seasons DO NOT need to try-out UNLESS instructed otherwise. There is a $25 fee for New Players. Remember, this is a **TRYOUT FEE ONLY**. If you are selected to participate, the entrance fee for the League will be as stated above. All players must attend at least one tryout to be considered for the SPRING league.

All youth leagues, tryouts, practices, and practice games will follow CDC and local health and safety guidelines.

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